al mouhaq - a new moon

From Domestica (f.) | Maga

Witches have inhabited popularimaginaries for centuries, following a systematic witch trial that hasterrorized Europe with the most gruesome happening between the 16thand 17th century. Research have shown that a sizeable amount ofknowledge was lost through the witches’ persecutions. More than four centuries separate usfrom the era of witch trials, however in today’s world women are covertlytreated as witches.

Nowadays, although regarded moreequitably compared to other decades, women are still discriminated against inthe work field. In recent years, an effort has been made to shed light onscientific discoveries pushed forward by women that were previously disregarded.

This performance revisits thesepersecuted women to think beyond their demise. It is a study of rituals,transformation, and erasure through movement, and an ongoing conversation betweenseveral female bodies on womanhood. By going through the witch’s tale, it aimsto raise several questions: Can the lost be brought back? Can the forcefullyerased be re-written? Can a new cycle emerge after annihilation?

Creative Director: Laetitia El Hakim

Choreography: Al Sarab Dance Company (ASDC)

Dancers: Nadra Assaf, Sarah Fadel, Laetitia El Hakim, Myriam Barakat,Rana-Marie Balbont, Carla Abboud

Music: Rust

Petra Hawi and Hany Manja

Poetry: Jana Salloum

Costumer: Carla Abboud

Video available upon request.

Photos from "Al mouhaq - a new moon" as performed at the In between festival by British Council Lebanon at the Abroyan Factory, 2022. Photos by: Tarek Haddad

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