Future Constructs 2.0 - عندك رزقة بيضا٢٫٠

Created for the exhibition Imagine that tomorrow part of the In between Festival by British Council Lebanon

Future constructs 2.0 is a participatory installation conceived with the viewer as an active component in the creation of the artwork. They will be asked to sit, immerse themselves in the constraint constructed environment, and read a cup of coffee.

Thus, the viewer becomes an oracle.

Stories of hope, doom, despair, satire, and dreams, or none at all, coexisting in the bounds of a coffee cup, will present themselves to the eyes of the reader.

This whole experiment is meant to shed a light on a vernacular social practice that is seemingly on its way to extinction, while looking at the language used to transmit the  messages decoded through the cup. It is meant to also be an expression of a societal dichotomy between the habitual aspect of the happening and the uncertainty of the future, while highlighting a way they coexist.

Where is the ritual heading? Is its perpetuity guaranteed? How can we ensure the transmission and preservation of cultural markings in the face of a globalized world?

The destination is no longer a place, the constructions aren’t physical, but the future remains in the distance.


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