a stretch of water

Laetitia Hakim & Tarek Haddad (duo)


The work takes allegory in the sea, both as a starting point and as a boundary. It expands on the notion of distance, exploring its repercussions on human interactions within two concurrent contexts; one instilled by the pandemic, preventing contact with one another, and a second imposed by the failing economic and political situation in the country, pushing some to leave.

Under tension, The material property of the fabric and the tension exerted through the stretching raise the question of whether we are eventually bound to attain a rupture point after which the surface cannot retract back to its original state.

Original Photo

now there's a sea between us

and the closest I could be to you 

is a stretch of water

you and I

the sea now an extension

of you to me, of me to you

and we pull 

each  from our side

trying to get closer together

ever increasing the distance between us

and I worry

if we ever stopped pulling

would the sea get back to how it was

or would it have turned into an ocean

installation view - close up

installation view - stretched photograph + poem

The work was stretched from 1.4m to 2.8m and hanged at Galerie Tanit, Lebanon from June 19 until August 7, 2021.
On that last day, we finally released the fabric from the tension it bore for the duration of the exhibition.

Our aim was to question its elasticity and see how it reacted or resisted to the tension exerted by the stretching.

The fabric retracted, but it became loose.
It could not go back to its initial state anymore. It had permanently morphed.

installation view - the aftermath (after dismantling)

installation view - close up | as exhibited at Abbaye de Jumièges, France, 2022

installation view - close up | as exhibited at Abbaye de Jumièges, France, 2022

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