1:17 or when the record broke


A reflection on the redundancy of political speeches.

Following the beginning of the revolution on October 17, 2019 in Lebanon, many politicians tried to join the popular discourse by addressing people through televised speeches on Lebanese Tv stations, to no avail. The repercussions of their words only fell through to the masses who still believed in them.

The work is based on thirteen speeches that found their way to YouTube and uses elements that were still at use when these politicians/public figures were first gaining power in governmental positions and the public sector (The radio cassette, and the paper shredder).

The work consists of:
A recording of the speeches on a cassette tape
A collage of the mouths of the politicians and a pile of the rest of the images which were shredded.

1:17 – Or when the record broke (Installation View)

1:17 – Or when the record broke (Photographic collage)

1:17 – Or when the record broke (Installation View, close up)

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