Can you hear me now?!


Video performance

"Can you hear me now?!" (2024) is a durational piece born from content circulated on social media amidst the ongoing genocide in Gaza since October 7, 2023. This work seeks to underscore the overwhelming flood of information amid a time of urgent crisis while also amplifying the alarming inactivity and lack of response accompanying such man-made atrocities.

The artist relentlessly echoes "can you hear me now?" over stories shared between October 7,2023, and March 7, 2024, the phrase evolving into a desperate prayer. Through voice and repetition, the piece reflects the artist's burnout, magnifying feelings of helplessness and despair juxtaposed with the initial hope of being heard and sparking change.

Addressing political inertia and the efficacy of news dissemination, this work challenges how voices can penetrate a system designed to stifle them.

Project commissioned by Hosta Projects, exhibited at Belfast exposed part of Northern Ireland Mental Health Festival 2024.

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